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SIAE Awards 2012
Lilijana Pahor from Ljubljana

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 1999

Awards to groups for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

Project Group for Bakery from Škofja Loka


They became a good working team

Of the fourteen farm women active in the project group for bakery, seven will this year register for the activity.
They have achieved much in a short time. In winter time, they organise expert talks and workshops in the area of baking and baking products. They have taken part in baking workshops, and under the aegis of the Association of Rural Women, they have attended cookery courses. They have also attended talks on ethnological customs in the Škofja Loka hills, on the economics of work and on additional activities, among other themes. They go on professional excursions to farms, and they learn exclusively for their own interest with the aim of improving the quality of their work.

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