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SIAE Awards 2007
Pavel Novak from Gornja Gomila near Šentjernej

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2007

Awards to individuals for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

Pavel Novak from Gornja Gomila near Šentjernej

Proposing institution: Guidance Centre at RIC Novo mesto


"The classroom of Pavel Novak was nature, our school estate, which helped him to form self image and raise his self-esteem." (Irena Avsenik, Grm Novo mesto Agricultural School)

Life story of Pavel Novak teaches us that we can overcome even serious problems in acquiring knowledge and gaining education, if we do not lose our courage and we are not afraid of persistent, hard work for personal growth. And, of course, if we encounter someone, who stands by us and believes in us. Pavel Novak encountered the right people at his job, where he is supported by the head of the Kartuzija Pleterje Holding ing. Jože Simončič, as well as at Guidance Centre at RIC Novo mesto and at Grm Novo mesto Agricultural School. They have met Pavel Novak at Guidance Centre at RIC Novo mesto for the first time on a workshop on effective learning, as he had to get some basic learning techniques to be able to cope with adult education programme based on self-learning. He had re-entered schooling with incomplete compulsory education. He had insufficient vocabulary, trouble with recognising the essence of the text and with summarising it, so it was hard to verify his knowledge. Because of his working responsibilities he was always pressed for time. When the first positive results started to show after his participation on the workshop, the organisers of the adult education programme got in touch with Guidance Centre, where they provided sufficient learning support, mainly because he has proved as very ambitious learner, opened for respectful dialogue with pedagogues. Agreed tasks were always fulfilled, even if he had to burn the midnight oil after tiring working schedule. In his learning, as well as in his work, the positive changes started to appear; he became more curious, more opened and self-confident, he started to take the initiative, as the life thought him, he can do whatever it takes, if he invests more time and work than majority of people. But accomplishing the goal is much sweeter, much more valuable. Pavel Novak is successful also in those areas of non-formal learning, where he is gaining knowledge because of his love for animals. He has finished courses for dog trainer and sheep-shearer, and for the needs of his work he is learning how to cook. 

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