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SIAE Awards 2007
Dr Zora Tavčar from Villa Opicina near Trieste

National LLW opening

In 2017 the National LLW opening is a joint venture of SIAE and the Zasavje Adult Education Centre; more >>


Ever since 1996, the solemn opening of the Lifelong Learning Week has been one of the central and most attractive happenings at the national level. Since 1997, an indispensable part of this event has been the presentation of SIAE awards for outstanding learning and professional achievements in adult learning. The opening has been marked by the annual LLW leading theme(s), traditionally linked to the topic of the European or International year.

In the first decade, the LLW solemn opening was conceptualised and organised by SIAE, the national coordinator of the learning festival. In the year 2006, the organisation and to a certain extent also the context of the ceremony was transferred to the local level with the aim to reach out to and attract even more people locally. Retaining its national character, the so called National LLW opening has since been carried out in cooperation with members of the network of LLW coordinators:

  • in 2016, the Velenje Adult Education Centre (AZ LU Velenje)
  • in 2015, the Črnomelj Institute for Education and Culture (ZIK Črnomelj ); more >>
  • in 2014, the MOCIS, Centre for Adult Education Slovenj Gradec; more >>
  • in 2013, the Nova Gorica Adult Education Centre (LUNG)
  • in 2012, the Murska Sobota Adult Education Centre (LUMS)
  • in 2011, the Žalec Adult Education Centre (UPI-LU Žalec)
  • in 2010, the Radeče Centre for Culture, Tourism and Recreation (KTRC Radeče)
  • in 2009, the Novo mesto Adult Education Centre (RIC Novo mesto)
  • in 2008, the Maribor Adult Education Centre (AZM-LU)
  • in 2007, the Municipality of Postojna and the Postojna Adult Education Centre (LU Postojna)
  • in 2006, the LLW Organisational Board at the Municipality of Jesenice

Articles on LLW openings are available in Slovenian language only, however, photos speak for themselves >>

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