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About LLW

Lifelong Learning Week (LLW) 2019:
- Official date: 10-19 May
- Extended date: 10 May-30 June
- Grand opening, 10 May, Kranj

SIAE award winners 2018

Contact: LLW working group at SIAE  

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Since 1996, the Slovenian Lifelong Learning Week (LLW) has been paving the way for a profound understanding and implementation of the culture of lifelong learning by attracting public attention to thousands of inspiring educational, promotional, information and guidance, as well as social and cultural events. The festival has grown into a movement which annually involves several hundreds of institutions, NGOs, interest groups and other stakeholders. At the national level, the LLW is coordinated by the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE). 

The LLW is a year-long project; its implementation follows the annual LLW Action Plan based on the LLW Strategic Plan. The project enjoys the financial support of:

1) the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities - they secure funding of material costs related to LLW national coordination and organisation of national events, as well as labour costs of the LLW working team at SIAE;

2) the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport - through a public call for tenders based on the Annual Adult Education Programme they co-finance the LLW coordination at regional and thematic level as well as the provision of events at local level.

To a large extent, LLW coordinators and providers of events invest their own resources; in some cases they enjoy the support of sponsors and donors.



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