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SIAE Awards 2009
Natalija Planinc from Piran

LLW Events

The LLW consists of numerous events related to learning, education and training as well as creative activities for all generations. In the year 1996 we started with 450 LLW events, whereas in its fifteenth year, in 2010, LLW featured around 5,400 events. In 2016 nearly 9,000 LLW events took place, approximately 45 % within the official LLW date, i.e. third week of May, and the majority in the 1 1/2-month period from 13 May until 30 June.

The internet calendar of 2017 LLW events is available in Slovenian language only.

Country-wide there are diverse events organised for people of all ages, various education levels and diverse learning needs. Providers are inviting the widest public to open door events, round tables, exhibitions, presentations of educational programmes, learning and creativity workshops, tests, discussions, cultural and social events such as presentations of books and other publications, literary evenings, concerts, puppet shows, presentations of awards, press conferences, club meetings, visits to places of cultural and/or natural value, sports games and many others. Several providers offer information and guidance services via telephone, e-mail and personal contacts.

The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE) in the role of national LLW coordinator is responsible for the organisation of events at the national level, such as the national press conference, the national LLW opening and the presentation of SIAE awards as well as the adult education colloquium

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