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SIAE Awards 2003
Viktorija Bevc MA from Ljubljana

LLW Action plan

Each year, the LLW is carried out in accordance with the annual LLW Action plan prepared by the LLW team at SIAE and confirmed by the LLW National committee. The Action plan for 2017 consists of three groups of activities:

  • National coordination of LLW:
    - Conceptual and developmental work
    - Cooperation with the network of LLW coordinators and providers
    - National promotion (media and visual promotion)
    - International cooperation

  • Organisation of national LLW events:
    - Awards for the promotion of adult learning and knowledge
    - National LLW opening and presentation of awards
    - Adult education colloquium

  • Activities related to the implementation of the European Agenda on Adult Learning (EAAL project)

Specific features of LLW 2017:

  • Official date: 12-21 May; extended date: 12 May-30 June.
  • A considerable number of LLW events will be linked to one or more joint actions:
    • The Power and Joy of Learning (15 May) - related to the 2017: The Year of Adult Education in Europe campaign
    • Celebration of 30th Anniversary of Erasmus+ (16 May)
    • Learning Parade - Days of Learning Communities (17 May)
    • Learning and Culture Hand in Hand (18 May)
    • The Day of the Elderly - Fit, Healthy, Informed and Active (19 May)
    • We Like Handwriting (22 May)
    • From Learning to Health (23 May)

  • The national opening of the LLW will take place at the local level for the 12th time in a row - this time in the town of Trbovlje, on 12 May 2017.
  • At the opening ceremony 5 new awards for the promotion of adult learning and knowledge will be given away to outstanding learners and institutions. 

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