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SIAE Awards 2002
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Awards for the Promotion of Adult Learning and Knowledge

In the period 1997-2017, SIAE has given away 213 awards to outstanding individuals, groups and institutions who have invested their resources in learning and thereby yielded admirable results. In this process, they have experienced personal growth, improved their working and social status and have influenced their environments – family, neighbourhood, community and society at large. The annual call for nominations is open between 15 September and 14 October of the current year. The selection of award winners is performed by the Awards Committee nominated by SIAE.

In December 2018, five new SIAE Award winners were selected; see SIAE Award winners 2018.

Traditionally, award winners are presented in person and via video-portraits at the national LLW opening ceremony, the next one scheduled for 10 May 2019 in Kranj. 


In 1997, awards for exceptional achievements in adult education and learning became one of the main features of the Lifelong Learning Week framework. Until 2008, a maximum of 15 awards were given away annually either to individuals and groups for exceptional learning results and enrichment of their own knowledge or to individuals, groups, institutions, enterprises and local communities for exceptional professional or promotional achievements in the process of enriching the knowledge of others.

In 2009, the concept and title of awards changed into 'Awards for the Promotion of Adult Learning and Knowledge' (in brief: SIAE Awards). From 2009 until 2011, 10 awards were presented annually and since 2012 - due to savings measures - only 5 award winners per year have been selected. Nevertheless, the stock of amazing life and learning histories is large and interesting; see for yourself >>

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