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SIAE Awards 2003
The group for the culture of speech - Radio Slovenia

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2007

Awards to institutions, enterprises and local communities for outstanding professional or promotional achievements as well as for achievements related to the enrichment of one's own knowledge or the knowledge of others 

Sašo Hribar from Vrh pri Višnji Gori

Proposer: Sonja Klemenčič


"Raising awareness of informal learning, the forms in which it occurs and the idea that knowledge acquired in this manner is valid is one of the fundamental messages of the idea of lifelong learning ... in Moja Soseska Mr Hribar presented various possibilities for adult learning, some of which were not well known." (From the nomination)

The culture of learning does not grow on its own. It must be supported by systemic measures and promotion. We live in an environment where until recently it was the case that what you learnt as a child you did as an adult. School was an unpleasant obligation to be 'survived' in order to avoid a life of menial work. A series of misconceptions lie behind these ideas: learning is for childhood; adults merely harvest the fruit; the (self-)development of learners is overlooked; farmers don't need any knowledge ... and there are others. How can we soften and change these rigid mindsets? By promoting alternative views and new values. That's a long process, and one that must reach into homes, and must address people, not by preaching, but with joy and an encouraging word. Radio and television are ideal for this, and Sašo Hribar, presenter of the most popular programmes, well-known for his wit and imagination, is without doubt the most suitable person who could offer something new. When you're relaxed and in a good mood, you listen more and you have a better chance of finding a gold nugget among the information. Moja Soseska, a Saturday programme on Val 202 radio presented by Sašo Hribar, has become a truly happy school of lifelong learning. During the show, listeners learn about interesting and rare occupations, education and learning opportunities, successful people who are outstanding in their professions ... The programme operates under the slogan Knowledge is power, which is demonstrated every time by examples of people who embody the slogan. One particularly valuable aspect is that the individuals presented on Moja Soseska are ordinary people with whom every listener can identify. The successful life stories of our valiant 'neighbours' thus become our own, and from there, it is not far to a step in a new generation away from a dead-end in our life (career) paths. In addition to examples of good practice, adult education programmes, guidance centres, study circles, open learning centres, knowledge exchanges, the university of the third age and project learning for young adults were also presented in the last year. The programme is supported by publication of all data important for lifelong learning on the Radio Slovenia website.

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