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SIAE Awards 1999
National Project Unit for Distance Learning, Faculty of Economics from Ljubljana

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2003

Awards to institutions, enterprises and local communities for outstanding professional or promotional achievements as well as for achievements related to the enrichment of one's own knowledge or the knowledge of others 

Society Zreli vedež (Mature Expert) from Ptuj



In the society with the name Mature Expert retired teachers from Ptuj and its surrounding meet. They are eager for knowledge while at the same time ready to contribute with their knowledge and rich life experiences to a more qualitative cultural beat in the local community. The members are autonomous learners in study circles and in organised Wednesday's Outings in which they get to know better their environment from various aspects. Through examples and organisation of cultural and educational events they are raising awareness of lifelong learning within the broader environment. They are able to awake curiosity in people and stimulate the joy of new learning. Quite often they offer help, especially in schools and cultural institutions, since the culture of voluntary work is highly developed in the society. They give an example how the retired intellectuals could improve their knowledge throughout their lives and use it for the benefit of the community.

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