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SIAE Awards 2005
Komunalno podjetje Vrhnika (Vrhnika Municipal Services Co.)

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2007

Awards to institutions, enterprises and local communities for outstanding professional or promotional achievements as well as for achievements related to the enrichment of one's own knowledge or the knowledge of others 

Dr Zora Tavčar from Villa Opicina near Trieste

Proposer: Mitja Čuk Fund, Villa Opicina


“Prof. Zora Tavčar viewed her school work as spreading knowledge, national consciousness and dedication, and carried it out using innovative approaches that allowed her pupils … in the Trieste region to become attached to Slovene language and culture.” (From the nomination)

Originally from Loka pri Zidanem Mostu, Zora Tavčar's life led her to Trieste, where she created a family in the village of Villa Opicina. She completed her doctorate at the University of Milan, and worked in Slovene secondary schools in Trieste, mainly teaching Slovene language, literature and history, but also geography due to a lack of teachers. She introduced her pupils to creative writing, and encouraged them to expand their vocabulary and culture of expression. She encouraged involvement in the student paper Literarne Vaje and in literary competitions. She thus raised a generation of publicists and cultural workers who strive to consolidate Slovene identity in the Trieste region. Her writing and mentoring work in extracurricular and social activities is also important, particularly her mentorship of the drama circle. She wrote a series of stage plays that were performed by her pupils. In some cases, the plays were good enough to be performed on the stage of the Permanent Slovene Theatre in Trieste or broadcast on Slovene radio. She was particularly attentive to the culture of speech. She compiled special vocabularies and collections of speaking exercises. Even before the first competition was held in Slovenia for the Cankar Prize, Zora Tavčar led a literary circle for secondary school pupils and students in the Slovene Cultural Club in Trieste. When she formed a group of young talents, she arranged the Mladi Pisci segment on Radio Trieste A, in which young writers presented themselves to the public and received advice for further literary development. Zora Tavčar methodically and successfully educated young Slovene directors, actors, scriptwriters, public speakers, publicists and writers. At the same time, she also wrote herself. She researched women's literary creativity in the Slovene diaspora, giving talks and publishing her findings. She is active in the Slovene Writers Association and in the Primorska Society of Authors. She continually strives to link the Slovene community in Trieste to the mother country. After retiring, she consolidated her links with the municipality of Sevnica and her hometown of Loka, where she was involved in founding the Ethnographic-Historical Museum, the Technical Heritage Museum and the Firefighting Museum in Loka.

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