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SIAE Awards 1998
POC Cultural, Artistic and Educational Society from Ajdovščina

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2001

Awards to groups for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

Gaja Ceramics Society from Postojna


"From burnt-out thoughts to new ideas!"

Members of the Gaja Ceramics Society from Postojna were enchanted by clay, a substance which willingly accepts the designer's hands but which at the same time demands investigation and enhancement of creative expression. The Society arose from study circles organised in 1995 by the Postojna Folk University. At first, members met and learned in their homes, since the Society had no premises. The municipality has now - thanks to their constant exhibition activities - given them premises, although they require thorough renovation. They have learned and worked for a number of years, for the most part alone, but the successes they have achieved, both individually and as a society, gave rise to the decision that the path to knowledge had to be opened up to others. They organise courses for children, young people and adults, for beginners as well as those with some previous knowledge. Beginners learn themselves, while they invite recognised experts - ceramicists and academic sculptors - to the more advanced workshops. To date they have held "Glazing" courses, and "Ball", "Torso", "Big form" and "Primitive firing" workshops, they have participated in a joint Slovene-Swedish project "Tradition and Culture", and they organise open summer schools. Members of the Gaja society regularly exhibit their work in Postojna, participate in ceramic biennials and ex-tempore exhibitions, and are establishing a reputation abroad. The awards received and sales of their work testify to the improving quality of their products. One member of the circle has become self-employed after being granted the title of "handicraft product". However, their dreams have still not been realised. They are convinced that they still have much to learn from clay and masters of design.

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