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SIAE Awards 1998
POC Cultural, Artistic and Educational Society from Ajdovščina

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2010

Awards to individuals for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

Ana Kruder from Slovenska Bistrica

Nominated by: Brigita Kruder MA, Slovenska Bistrica Folk High School



Remaining active in the third age ... Ana Kruder, 2010 SIAE award winner, has through her personal drive and success shown that it's still possible. After retiring, Ana became involved in various education programmes and positively contributed to other people's learning. By doing so, she realised the dream of her youth - to become a teacher.

Even while still working for Elektro Maribor in Slovenska Bistrica, she initiated a series of activities, while after retiring she became actively involved in study circles and various courses and informal programmes at Slovenska Bistrica Folk High School: painting, silk painting, digital photography, sewing useful items etc. She also completed a formal programme in English for older adults and adult computer literacy. She mastered all of this knowledge to such an extent that she can now independently teach other people.

Her greatest value is the transfer of knowledge to other participants in education. She takes great pleasure in motivating, encouraging and helping others to overcome barriers in environments where there was no education on offer. Equally, she enjoys being involved in organising creative workshops and exhibitions, in leading study circles (Lifelong Learning Point in Pragersko was her initiative), and in organising short workshops for children and adults. She prepares material for participants and monitors their activities.

"For her, the things that usually turn other people away from learning - new learning situations, new learning environments and locations - are a challenge to be faced, and she of course does so successfully," according to Ana's nomination. She's still active in her late sixties: as a lecturer, participant or volunteer, she's involved in various forms of education and training.

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