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SIAE Awards 2014
Jurček Nowakk from Domžale

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2008

Awards to groups for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

Voluntary cultural mediators in Loški Museum

Head of group: Borjana Koželj; members: Meri Bozovičar, Katja Galof, Marjan Gantar, Vera Hartman, Vesna Kovačevič, Majda Oblak, Lucija Parma, Špela Polajnar, Marta Satler, Marija Verćić
Proposer: Loški Museum of Škofja Loka, Mira Kalan



Borjana Koželj heads a group of pensioners who have discovered the meaning of active ageing, love of voluntary work and learning. In doing so they have recognised the effectiveness of learning for older adults, which benefits not just them, but is also a benefit for others, in this case visitors to Loški Museum.

The voluntary cultural mediators of Loški Museum - like members of the University of the Third Age - first had to take part in a special education course in order to gain the title of mediator. After overcoming the initial obstacles associated with age, the 11 members of the group became involved in third age programmes (art history, Škofja Loka - my town, language study circles and the study circles The Impressionists and About the Museum Collections). They acquired the knowledge for the tasks of mediator at lectures and through self-education using literature and by visiting museums and galleries. They became familiarised with the tasks of cultural mediators, the special features of the museum, the ethnological features of the collections, the development of painting from the Gothic period to modernism, and the special features of teaching and adult education activities in the museum. As qualified cultural mediators they then spread the knowledge they had acquired through voluntary work among museum visitors. In addition to this they assumed responsibility for the exhibition Loška krajina, v podobah zapisana [The Loka region recorded in images] and for the renovated Škopar House.

Through their work the members of the group are awakening in the older generation a feeling for voluntary work and a determination to be active in ageing. At the same time they are contributing positively to validating older people in the local environment and consequently to changing the stereotypes associated with the generation of retired people. The proposer Mira Kalan wrote the following thought about the Loški cultural mediators: "The mediators are convinced that despite their age, they can still contribute a great deal to society, and they are especially pleased that their work at the museum is appreciated."

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