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SIAE Awards 2009
Sv. Jurij ob Ščavnici Society of Rural Women and Girls

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2001

Awards to groups for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

The Media and Journalism study group from Ljubljana


The nature of their work meant they also had to learn public relations; they became polished and exemplary colleagues.

The University of the Third Age in Ljubljana surprised many people with its steadfast determination to break into the public arena and present its vision of life after retirement, when there is a risk that people withdraw from society even though they are still full of creativity and a desire to learn. The decision to create the group came about during a visit to a French radio station which has become established as "the radio station for the homeless, journalists and experts". In Slovenia too there are many groups with special needs, including older people, to whom the doors to the public arena are closed, while decisions about their needs are taken by members of younger generations. Under the leadership initially of Nataša Dolenc and Ajda Kalan, and later mentor Tatjana Pirc, eight enthusiastic students of "journalism" uncovered the special features of the most influential media, starting with radio. They studied written and spoken reporting, and learnt about the principles of ethics in journalism. The fruit of their learning was a series of radio programmes "Old for new", which they prepared for Radio Slovenia. They were just as assiduous in their preparations for the publication of a newspaper. They studied editorial, technical, layout, writing, surveying, sponsorship and proofreading, as well as public relations; the Tretješolci (Third-schoolers) newspaper was born in the late spring.

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