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SIAE Awards 2010
Jože Perme from Grosuplje

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 1999

Awards to groups for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

Group of Study Circle Mentors at the Secondary Trade School in Ljubljana


Joy in one's heart

The SIAE award was won by a group consisting of mentor Agata Freyer Majaron, who runs a circle on Plečnik's heritage, mentor Jirži Kočica, who runs a circle on the fine arts, and Zlatka Kump, leader of circles operating at the school. Circles take place independently of each other, but the mentors cooperate closely; this cooperation has produced many ideas which they jointly implement. The mentors say that it is a completely different form of learning: with enthusiasm, with "joy in their hearts", by imbibing knowledge which someone, be they a tutor or a member of the circle, passes on to the rest. The boundaries between teacher and taught are thus removed, and they learn from each other.

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