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SIAE Awards 2007
Danica Kotnik from Radlje ob Dravi

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2012

Awards to individuals for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

Ljubica Fišer from Sodinci


Even as a little girl, Ljubica Fišer of Sodinci near Ormož showed her industriousness and curiosity. At first she worked as an educator in a nursery school, then later in a primary school. And if you asked the children of Ormož Primary School about her, they would no doubt reply that Ljuba was the teacher who just adored puppets. She has used puppets to great advantage at workshops on Training for Life Success – the adult literacy reading and writing programme – where she met with parents and their children. Moreover she has acquired training, and provided a wide range of other training programmes for what are termed vulnerable adult groups – war veterans, older adults and the unemployed. People in her area know her well and gladly come to her meetings, at which they gain renewed vigour. She is able to open up to people, to listen and help them – with puppets being just one of her tools.

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