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SIAE Awards 2012
The Ljubljana Society of Deaf and Hearing-Impaired

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 1997

Awards to institutions, enterprises and local communities for outstanding professional or promotional achievements as well as for achievements related to the enrichment of one's own knowledge or the knowledge of others 

Drežnica Local Community

Drežnica, of course I know you!

The residents of the Drežnica Local Community, which includes the villages of Ravne, Koseč, Jezerca and Magozd, looked into development opportunities and decided theirs lay in tourism, a choice which required willpower, suitable opportunities and knowledge. Study circles, as a new form of adult education, allowed them to combine the knowledge they already had and at the same time to gain more. The success of the study circle led to an overall education project which covers training of the whole village for work in tourism. They taught themselves foreign languages, organised tourist farms and homemade local delicacies, they got to know the connections between natural and cultural heritage and trained themselves to act as tourist guides and to plan a comprehensive tourist service. Today, Drežnica is well-known on the tourist map of Slovenia. The villagers have already received many awards for quality, as well as for people- and environmentfriendly tourist development.

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