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SIAE Awards 2004
Tina Horvat from Murska Sobota

EY 2008

The central theme of LLW 2008 was in line with the European year of intercultural dialogue and its slogan Together in diversity. LLW providers were recommended to design their events around this theme thereby illuminating the importance of adult education and lifelong learning for the awareness raising on the importance and advantages of intercultural dialogue, and for a greater understanding of and respect for other cultures, religions and beliefs, nationalities, languages, and traditions.

LLW events were meant to contribute to the realisation of the National EYID 2008 goals which relate to:

  • establishing civil-social dialogue on as many levels of social life as possible, in cooperation with non-governmental organisations and the media from all fields that involve intercultural dialogue;
  • including intercultural dialogue as one of the leading principles of Slovenian foreign policy;
  • enabling mobility within and outside the EU, especially in the fields of art, science and education, particularly in such a way as to support the flow of ideas and individuals;
  • coordinated migration policies within and outside the EU;
  • encouraging intergenerational dialogue;
  • treating state borders and EU borders as points of co-existence;
  • stressing the importance of multilingualism;
  • vertical communication and continuity in the education system, from primary to higher education, which respects the principle of intercultural dialogue;
  • stressing intercultural dialogue in non-formal education.

SIAE reached an agreement with the Slovenian National coordinating body of EYID regarding the promotion of the European Year through LLW events and other actions. For this purpose, SIAE obtained the moral right for using the EYID 2008 logo.

Official website of the EYID 2008:

European ambassador for intercultural dialogue, represenative of Slovenia:
Marko Peljhan, conceptual artist;
see also other official EYID 2008 ambassadors>> 

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