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SIAE Awards 1997
Marija Debelak from Ljubljana

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2004

Awards to individuals for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

Tina Horvat from Murska Sobota

Proposer: Murska Sobota Adult Education Centre


"It was very hard ... But I'm happy that they encouraged me, I was especially encouraged by my husband, who also looked after the children when I went to lectures."

Tina Horvat grew up in the settlement of Pušča, near Murska Sobota, in a Roma environment in which education - especially if it involved a girl - was not regarded as anything of value. So Tina left school when she was only in the 6th grade, and got married early. She and her husband had a tough time making ends meet, so Tina got a job, but she had continual problems in her sales work because she lacked any vocational training. Ten years ago, as an unemployed person, she first crossed the threshold of the Murska Sobota Adult Education Centre, where she attended a programme of training for life success. The mentors tried to motivate her to enrol in primary school for adults, but she could not make up her mind. She returned in two years and successfully completed 7th and 8th grades. And of course she learned that even this was not enough to pursue her chosen vocation. She loved working with textile products. She wanted to become independent, so she decided to obtain a vocational education. She enrolled in the ‘salesperson' programme, and completed it successfully. In these ten years she became a mother twice over. It was tough, but those close to her stood by her side, especially her husband, who encouraged her whenever she despaired, and looked after the children. Her young daughters were also cared for by their grandparents, so that Tina was able to meet her school obligations. Through her perseverance and success she became an example for her former colleagues, among whom one decided herself to follow in Tina's footsteps. Tina remembers the path she took: "I had most encouragement from my husband and my family, and others did not even know that I was going to classes. When things were going really badly for me, I did think of giving it all up, but they persuaded me to go, that it was good for me, that I'd make something of myself..." Now she would like to go on and finish management school. In addition to this, she has also got her husband enthusiastic about education, and this autumn he will start attending marketing school in Lendava. So the family has no need to worry about the future any more!

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