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SIAE Awards 2005
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SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2003

Awards to individuals for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

Tadej Svete from Ljubljana

Proposer: Irena Simšič



Tadej has left upper secondary school in the 3rd grade. His life path has led him to Dob and now to Ljubljana where he is serving his sentence. While in Dob he already decided that his more friendly way to the future will be achieved through education. He realized that the beginning is the most difficult but then things open up. The first successes encouraged him to persevere. Now he is stating: "4,5 years of serving the sentence could have been spent fruitlessly. I could have vegetated. But I have finished the school, improved the relations ... All that has been invested has brought me a series of positive experiences." He finished his upper secondary education with distinction, took the upper secondary leaving certificate and enrolled to the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Ljubljana in 2002/2003. He was the one who had helped the co-inmates in the preparation for the mathematical exams."

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