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SIAE Awards 1997
The Skala group from Ljubljana

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2002

Awards to institutions, enterprises and local communities for outstanding professional or promotional achievements as well as for achievements related to the enrichment of one's own knowledge or the knowledge of others 

Glotta Nova, private educational institution from Ljubljana



The exceptionally ramified and diverse offer of Glotta Nova's programmes is dedicated to teaching foreign languages. The lectures are held collectively or individually in form of courses, seminars and workshops. At present, they are preparing the introduction of distance learning. They are constantly and ceaselessly following innovations and incorporating them into their work. Glotta Nova is an accredited performer of several internationally renowned licence programmes and methods. The education of adults was developed following the method of global learning, which combines the achievements of neuro-linguistic programming, mental training, quantum learning and other similar methods. In their work are also included some forms of informal learning especially study circles, which were in the last three years attended by 280 adults. Persons, who are in need of advice or assistance in making a decision related to education may visit the Consultancy Centre. It operates as a unit for independent learning, where already over 3,000 learning hours have been conducted. According to the Programme 5000, in Glotta Nova they ensure the educational assistance also for the unemployed. Through their cost-free teaching in clubs they helped more than 900 individuals. Through all these years they have been participating with their educational offer also in the programme of Lifelong Learning Week. Their educational-informative events are annually attended by around 1,000 citizens. By means of methods applied by Glotta Nova and their combinations they increase the accessibility of programmes to the most diverse users - they help them to conquer obstacles in forming and fulfilling their educational objectives since with assistance of methods of global learning they manage to successfully overcome all didactic difficulties and prejudices of learners. In order to increase the accessibility of the education the members of the Centre for Independent Learning developed multimedia programme I am learning how to learn. They trained and specialised themselves for the education of various specific groups of adults, among others also for pedagogues and androgogic workers, to whom they dedicated over 120 training programmes. The educational culture and informing the public is ensured by the publishing of books, two magazines: Glotta Nova News and PedaGlot, and by publishing in other media.

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