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SIAE Awards 2005
Mentor group for PLYA at the private institution TIN Ljubljana

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2002

Awards to groups for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

Project learning for Young Adults - PLYA Ajdovščina


A group called Project Learning for Young Adults - PLYA Ajdovščina was founded in 2000. In that time it united 19 youngsters without a vocation or employment, whereas during the last spring there were already 22 participants attending the programme. In order to make the youngsters, whose educational experience was not very positive, more enthusiastic about learning, a lot of imagination in the elaboration of "different" tasks was required - such tasks, which grant self-confirmation and provide motivation for further work. Let us stress that for participants of project learning already the perseverance in attending the group represents a huge achievement, yet the PLYA-ers from Ajdovščina distinguished themselves also in many other things. They learned how to work in a team and through their public performances demonstrated that they themselves can also contribute to the higher standards and quality of life in their local environment. To the town that cannot boast of an exceptionally rich offer of public events they offered quite a few creations of their labour and imagination: at the Ajdovščina's festival Štrudlfest they performed a puppet theatre play Water Drops are Playing a Torrent, for which they provided the scenographic and sound setting, and the puppets as well were created solely by themselves; they set up a Christmas tree in the city park and prepared an accompanying cultural programme; in the spring they selected the best representatives of products of the creative writing workshop and published them under the title Fairy Tales from the PLYA-land. Both mentors confirmed that the youngsters made progress in their personal development: their communication and reporting skills have improved, their tolerance levels were also increased and the self-estimation has become more realistic. Some of the "PLYA-ers" have found a job and the others entered regular education, while some returned the schools that they previously abandoned or passed the missing exams. Performing in public with all related preparations proved to be a source of valuable experiential learning, the most important part of which was unquestionably the positive self-assertion and establishment of new and different ties with the environment.

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