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SIAE Awards 2014
Gill and Dennis Wraight from Belčji vrh

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2001

Awards to individuals for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

Elizabeta Janota from Prevalje


We don't take anything in life with resignation and without criticism, we discover the essence and seek a new, better path to the future.

Elizabeta Janota, mother, wife and farmer, but also a curious and exemplary student, full of plans for the future, comes from Prevalje. Ten years ago she completed secondary school at Gimnazija Ravne, and then had a daughter and stayed at home. In 1994, she and her husband renovated their home, and then Elizabeta enrolled at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana in the business school programme, graduating in 1999. During her studies she was employed in a company involved in gallery activities, then she had another child, and this very happy event caused problems for the young mother, since she became unemployed after the end of her maternity leave. But she did not give in! She read literature on raising a child and about the power of positive thinking, she painted on silk, she produced masks and jewellery and designed clay figurines. When she had her third child, she and her family moved to a hill farm. Now she had to learn farming and gardening too, but she still managed to graduate that autumn. Last year she decided to continue her studies at the Business School of the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, studying international business. She studies with admirable eagerness, and is already finishing her fourth year. She never accepts anything in life without reservation and uncritically, she always seeks out the essence, looking for new, better paths to the future. She now emphasises her own employment opportunities. Since her property has a beautiful natural location, she intends to create a modern, ecological tourist farm.

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