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SIAE Awards 2004
German language study circle at the University of the Third Age in Ljubljana

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2014

Awards to institutions, enterprises and local communities for outstanding professional or promotional achievements as well as for achievements related to the enrichment of one's own knowledge or the knowledge of others 

Izola Public Library

»We provide individuals with the potential to make decisions, engage in personal growth and contribute to the democratisation of society.«

Alongside its core mission of lending books, Izola Public Library offers visitors to the library a wide range of additional activities. Through non-formal learning projects and close corporation with users, they supplement the services offered by a public space open to all. This space has already become too small, since the team is very enthusiastic. Through their own personal missions, the library's staff enrich their community and their people, who through learning acquire the ability to make judgements and think critically. It is therefore sometimes difficult for them to decide whether the library is their second home or their first home.

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