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The Ljubljana Society of Deaf and Hearing-Impaired


The Ljubljana Society of Deaf and Hearing-Impaired was founded 82 years ago, and plays an exceptionally important role in the lives of deaf, hearing-impaired and deaf and blind people. It facilitates their socialisation, since they get to meet similar people, they can communicate in Slovenian sign language and in this way deal with their personal issues. On the other hand they get to socialise in the day centre, at various meetings, for cooking, shopping, sports events and excursions, and thereby strengthen their identity. In addition to group meetings, the Society provides them with individual assistance, for instance accompanying them in the education process, in transcribing and interpreting at lectures. The transcriber provides the deaf person with notes in a form most suited to deaf people. Those who are close to them also recognise how important it is for the deaf or hearing-impaired people in their circle to engage in daily activities. Without company their free time would certainly lack the same level of quality.

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