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SIAE Awards 2005
Pavla Hudorovac from Črnomelj

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2008

Awards to groups for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

Mala Gora Study Circle – a place of nice memories and hard work

Mentor: Kristina Valič; members: Tanja Bratina, Andrej Kompara, Bogdan Lozar, Meta Rustja, Dragan Vodopivec, Jožko Vodopivec
Proposer: Ajdovščina Intermunicipal Society of Friends of Youth, Urška Štrancar


From the very beginning the members of the Mala Gora Study Circle have known what they want to do and achieve together. The objectives they set have led them to ultimate successes which they have also presented to the public. They have met with approval and respect from local people and also from their wider surroundings. None of this would have succeeded for them, however, if they had not been constantly guided by the desire to improve the existing state of affairs, i.e. to maintain the folk tradition and hand it down to current and future generations, and if the group had not been so all-embracing and committed to doing its work well, even though this required the acquisition of new knowledge.

At times the mentor found some of the initiatives of the group, which is quite heterogeneous in age and education, hard to follow. One truly major obstacle that they had to overcome together, was coordinating time among circle members. Yet they succeeded. By studying literature they pursued the established goals, enhanced their knowledge of the Mala Gora plateau as a special feature of the Vipava Valley and presented their findings and products to local people and the wider public. Their published work could be followed in various media, they arranged exhibitions of farm implements, old photographs, they organised an Easter walk up Mala Gora, printed a compilation, postcards and other publications, made a music CD and exhibited handicrafts on their stands. Through its activities the study circle thus made a major contribution to expanding the learning and cultural options in their local setting.

The initial help from experts and independent learning by means of literature enabled circle members to acquire a range of new knowledge - mainly in the areas of photography, making postcards and familiarisation with the process of making a compilation book, brochures and similar. At the same time they all made personal progress and gained new experiences, which was also noticed in the local environment, which accepted and respected the work of the circle each year with greater enthusiasm.

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