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SIAE Awards 2004
Beseda slovenske Istre study circle of Marezige

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2008

Awards to individuals for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

Zlatka Kolman of Pišce

Proposer: Brežice Economic and Commericial School, Alenka Pečnik Kranjec


We can find an answer to the question, what does lifelong learning mean, in the life story of Zlatka Kolman. The now successful businesswoman cut short her education when she was young owing to her family moving abroad. Later on, since she became increasingly aware in managing a company of the need for formal education, despite the burdens in her career and family life she decided to continue her education. In this way she gained new knowledge, which throughout the period of her education she has linked to her professional experiences and practical knowledge. At the same time this has made it easier for her to manage her own company.

Zlatka found her motivation to involve herself in adult education by recognising the role of formal education in the hierarchical relations in the company. For this reason in her forties she enrolled first in a commercial trader course, and then in a course for economic technicians - both of which alongside her vocational matura exam she completed with excellent grades. Yet Zlatka did not simply acquire qualifications, but also self-confidence, which has helped her relations with employees and leaseholders. Moreover she has also demonstrated a great variety of abilities and skills.

Since she is aware of the importance of new knowledge, she is also encouraging her relatives and all the employees in her company to learn. Even during the period of her education she acted as a promoter and linchpin for the group of adults. Through her example Zlatka has shown how important lifelong learning is, that you need to find time for it and invest some of your own effort in it, and this will in the end always yield interest. For herself she has gained an adequate education, improved the relations with employees in her company and at the same time successfully coordinated the time devoted to her family.

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