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SIAE Awards 2006
Metka Zupanek from Domžale

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 1997

Awards to groups for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

The Skala group from Ljubljana

Knowledge and expert help on the street

The Skala group from Ljubljana is a group involved in preventive work with young people and young adults. It brings together more than 30 volunteers. They developed an extensive education programme which adds to their knowledge through Slovenian experts and experience from abroad. They have contributed to street work in Slovenia with a method that stresses personal contact and monitoring, and advice and education. To get as close as possible to young people, they prepared a specially adapted bus as a travelling street workshop and advice centre, which they called the Bus veselja (Happy Bus).

They carried out research in several areas around Ljubljana and Domžale and carried out a range of projects: The Tenth Hour, Spring in Jarše, Autumn in Fužine, Let's talk about it. Most of all they have helped individual young people, who with their help have left the streets and looked for work or returned to education.

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