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SIAE Awards 2012
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SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2000

Awards to institutions, enterprises and local communities for outstanding professional or promotional achievements as well as for achievements related to the enrichment of one's own knowledge or the knowledge of others 

Milica Prešeren from Ljubljana


Bring together learning and enjoyment

In Slovenia, where school has traditionally evoked negative connotations, something has finally been set in motion! Connections that until recently were almost inconceivable have been established in the minds of individuals - a link between learning and enjoyment, for instance. Thanks to the journalist Milica Prešeren, these new concepts have now found a home within the hub of Slovenian media: Television Slovenia.

The fresh new ideas of the monthly TV show Modro (Wise), which Milica Prešeren edits and hosts, has earned her this years. SIAE Award for outstanding achievements in the promotion of lifelong learning. Every first Friday of the month, viewers are treated to a wealth of different programme sections on educational possibilities for all generations, from pre-school children to people in the third age. The desire of the award-winning Milica Prešeren was to create a show that would be different, and she is grateful to all who have made this possible and extended their help, in particular to the educational programme editor, Barbara Volčič Lombergar, and also to her own crew.

Every school can be interesting and attractive - if we know how to present it that way, says Milica Prešeren. The main purpose of her shows is to stimulate people's desire for learning. She wants to persuade the viewer that learning is enjoyable and that it can even be fun. Particular attention is placed on the sharing of knowledge between generations: not only do children learn from their parents, teachers and other adults - adults can learn from children, too! Within the Slovenian environment it is particularly significant that the show acquaints viewers of all age with the work of education institutions by breaking down stereotypes and dispelling the alltoo-common fear of these institutions.

Milica insists that the show's young crew should focus on themes that are close to them. We do the best jobs, she is convinced, when we draw from ourselves. As author of the show she tackles problems that require a great amount of sensitivity and empathy. People personally involved in the topic of the show are always given a voice, since it is not its purpose to merely broadcast information but also to present the real-life circumstances in which learning and education take place.

With the title of the show, its author wanted to stress her finding that learning is an activity that is present throughout our lives. At any moment or in any given circumstances, no matter how difficult these may be, a grain of wisdom is there - we only need to seek it out and recognise it. Milica Prešeren firmly believes that the show is wide-ranging and important not only because of its creators, but also thanks to all those who devote their time to it: the viewers.

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