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SIAE Awards 2002
The Scout Association of Slovenia

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2000

Awards to groups for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

Folk singers from Zabovci, a section of the Markovci Cultural Society


"Listen to our song."

This years' winners of the group awards for outstanding achievements in learning and enriching one's own knowledge include the Folk Singers from Zabovci. The municipality of Markovci is truly grateful to them for their important work over 27 years, which has had particular significance in the last two years thanks to their promotion of their home region and customs both in Slovenia and abroad through their singing. They also participated in a research project, which was particularly demanding for them, as it required some additional - individual and group - training. We may find it easier to imagine how difficult that might have been if we remember that their average age is 72 years!

Until 1973, the singing of local housewives was given little consideration. However, after initial attempts the women realised that this was an opportunity to preserve their folk heritage and hand it down to the younger generations. Someone with the understanding for this noble ambition and capable of directing it was Treza Maroh. Soon, the villagers could no longer imagine an important event without their singers.

They joined the Anton Jože Strafela Markovci Cultural Society and participated in the music activities at the Markovci Primary School. They instilled an enthusiasm for folk songs across several generations of younger people and participated in all the culture festivals and important events: Dediščina korantove dežele (the Kurant Festival ), Tukaj smo doma (This is our Home), Od kolin do mesa iz tunke (Koline and tunka - a festival of local food ), Tak smo se ženili (Weddings in the olden days), Pri nas bomo pa zibali (We Are Expecting a Baby), and The Municipality of Markovci - That's Us.

They faced the most demanding educational task last year, when they participated in a research project for the Municipality of Markovci. They recorded the Songs from the land of onion-growers, which called for a great deal of sacrifice and additional rehearsals, as they had to polish up on their pronunciation and singing accuracy - but they made it! Not only did they help to preserve a record of local cultural heritage, they also reached the goal they had set for themselves many years ago: the songs that are presented in the song-book and on tape are already becoming a part of the repertoire for many young singers in school vocal choirs.

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