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SIAE Awards 2010
Štefka Kustec from Črenšovci

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2007

Awards to institutions, enterprises and local communities for outstanding professional or promotional achievements as well as for achievements related to the enrichment of one's own knowledge or the knowledge of others 

Ptuj Adult Education Centre

(Director: Klavdija Markež MA)
Proposer: Urban Municipality of Ptuj


"Ptuj Adult Education Centre is part of the Equal project to acquire a family-friendly company certificate, as it wants to be friendly not just to its users, but also to its employees." (From an article by Slavica Pičerko Peklar: School with modern management)

The adult education tradition in Ptuj has deep and strong roots reaching back to 1925, when the first courses appeared for adults, and next year they will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Adult Education Centre. It is possible and also responsible to build a future on such foundations. At Ptuj Adult Education Centre, they are not afraid of this challenge. They keep up with the latest developments in the profession, successfully spreading them to their own environment. The quality of operation of the institution has particularly delighted the founder, the Urban Municipality of Ptuj, which is an active partner of the Adult Education Centre. "We are proud of their achievements," they wrote, "as they are an example of good practice. The young director and the capable team she leads have demonstrated an ability not just to survive but to flourish in an educational world full of competition." The development and flexibility of the education system are important factors in development. The Adult Education Centre provides genuine support for Ptuj, since it has a well-developed system of programmes for the unemployed and to raise the level of education. It provides programmes for national vocational qualifications for Masons and Social Carers, and training for chambermaids; introduces new secondary and further education programmes, and also provides higher-education and postgraduate 3+2 programmes under the new Bologna system (the business studies programme in conjunction with the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana is complemented by a master's course in Accounting and tax audits). To support the quality of life at various ages, it provides a rich range of informal forms of learning, such as study circles, Learning for enhanced life efficiency programmes, open learning centre, guidance centre, knowledge exchange and university of the third age. It strives to make participants comfortable by developing modern, user-friendly learning environments and introducing modern, especially computer-supported, learning programmes and tools. Promotional activities also have an important role in bringing the culture of learning closer to people, especially at events in the Lifelong Learning Week and through media items. Ptuj Adult Education Centre has another cause for recognition this year. In February it received a special award in the competition for the school with the most modern management, Q-School 2007, and it is also involved in the Equal project, as it wants to obtain a Family-friendly company certificate.

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