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SIAE Awards 2008
Voluntary cultural mediators in Loški Museum

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2007

Awards to individuals for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

Robert Pozderec from Cvišlerje near Kočevje

Proposer: Kočevje Adult Education Centre


"Misfortune has failed to wipe the smile off his face. He's still full of optimism, and has an exceptional sense of humour and a big heart." (Aleksandra Kocjan Malnar and Andrejka Mlekuž, UŽU mentors at Kočevje Folk High School)

Robert Pozderec has lived all his life in Cvišlerje pri Kočevju, which he says is "the most beautiful village in the world". He was happy in his environment until primary five, when he had a serious traffic accident caused by a reckless driver. It scarred him for life. He had to attend a primary school with a special programme. He successfully completed it, and then trained as a telephonist, which secured him employment until 1992, when he was made redundant. In subsequent years, he worked as a receptionist until 2002, when he was transferred to the Kočevje slaughterhouse, where he was employed part-time as a food worker. He then realised he had to do something for himself. He chose education, wanting to acquire new knowledge to help him change to a new environment. In 2003, through the Home Help and Care Institute, he joined a course in English and computing. He successfully completed the course by preparing a final paper. He particularly enjoyed computing, so he still regularly attends the open learning centre at Kočevje Adult Education Centre, where he keeps up with ICT. One of his most difficult experiences was when he finally lost his job. Unfortunately he was employed in a very weak company, which became bankrupt last year. He registered with the Employment Service as a jobseeker. Luckily, in 2006 he enrolled at the Kočevje Adult Education Centre in the Learning for enhanced life efficiency - My Step (UŽU-MK) programme, filling his days with new content. He established genuine contacts with the people he met, especially mentors. He successfully completed the 120-hour programme, and also enthused his friend. His infectious optimism makes people relax, and so he was invited to participate in the Learning for enhanced life efficiency programme this year as a volunteer. He was delighted to accept the invitation, but this is not his only volunteering activity. He is also active in the Kočevje Disabled Society, where he runs a darts team. 

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