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SIAE Awards 2014
Zdravko Kuhta from Maribor

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 2012

Awards to individuals for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

Lilijana Pahor from Ljubljana
Lilijana Pahor says of her home, the Fužine district of Ljubljana, that it is the nicest place in the world. She loves working with people, especially unemployed job seekers, and also with the homeless and people with psychiatric challenges. After becoming unemployed herself, and then finding a position at the city library through the public works scheme, she created her own job – the Jobs Exchange. People come to her and confide their fears, difficulties and desires. She knows how to motivate them and get them ready for job interviews, to get their basic social security in order and so forth. She is always happy to come back and visit the library – not just the Ljubljana city centre branch, but also the one in Fužine, Bežigrad, Vič, Dobrovo and other districts. She is well aware that she can only provide non-formal education for other people if she herself has sufficient knowledge. So she learned how to offer career coaching and a variety of other workshops; currently she is taking a distance learning course at the DOBA faculty. People describe her as a warm, open-hearted lady, an outstanding counsellor and a professional.

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