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SIAE Awards 2001
Melita Cimerman from Maribor

SIAE awards for learning and knowledge promotion 1997

Awards to groups for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning 

The Museum Study Circle from Ilirska Bistrica

From studying history and culture to establishing a museum

Over four years the Museum Study Circle from Ilirska Bistrica carefully collected and documented numerous pieces of material evidence of the rich cultural heritage of the area and described and revived old and nearly forgotten customs. The basic goals and guidelines of their work were continuous learning about the history and culture of their area, informing people of the importance of the rich cultural heritage and the establishment of a museum in Ilirska Bistrica.

They have collaborated with the Ilirska Bistrica Local History Society and the Regional Museum of Koper in order to find about the correct handling and archiving of material. They have prepared exhibitions (The ‘Vizita' then and now, Postcards views of our region, Transport in Bistrica) and revived traditional customs (such as the ‘vizita' celebration to mark military service, blessing horses on Štefanovo; St.Nicolas' Day celebrations). They also organise lectures on important events and design special postmarks and postcards.

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