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SIAE Awards 2002
The Municipality of Maribor

AEC 2012

On 22 May 2012, the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education organized the main professional event of the LLW 2012 - the 16th Adult Education Colloquium on the theme

Challenges of Slovenian adult education from the perspective of the renewed European Agenda for Adult Learning 20122014

Plenary speakers:

  • Andrej Sotošek, MA: Introduction
  • Dr Jurij Šink: The perspective of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport regarding adult education in the period 2012-2014
  • Irena Kuntarič Hribar: The perspective of the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs regarding adult education in the period 2012-2014
  • Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik, MSc: Presentation of the renewed European Agenda for Adult Learning and the Slovenian project application for its implementation

Working in groups:

  • High quality infrastructural support for adult education (chair: Katja Dovžak, MA, moderator: Andrej Sotošek, MA); speakers:
    Lifelong Learning Centre Gorenjska (Maja Radinovič Hajdič, MA)
    Lifelong Learning Centre Savinjska (Franja Centrih)
    Guidance for deprived population groups (Nada Žagar, MA)
  • Using study circles for activating the inactive (chair and moderator: Dr Nevenka Bogataj)
  • New approaches in harmonising theory and practice in the field of promoting the development of basic skills of educationally deprived groups (chair: Ester Možina, MA, moderator: Dr Petra Javrh)
  • E-learning - new opportunities in adult education? (chair and moder: Margerita Zagmajster, MSc)

Background material: Council Resolution on the renewed European Agenda for Adult Learning 2012-2014 (2011/C 372/01)


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