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e-corner: different topics | pedagogical-didactic aspects
10 Sites for Online/Educational Tutorials
10 Tips for Better Online Discussion
10 Ways Social Media Can Improve Writing in Your Classroom
10 Ways to Support Learning after Training
10 Writing Strategies that Drive up Learner Engagement Online
12 Examples that Prove Mobile Learning and Microlearning is an Essential Combination to Meet Your Learning Mandate
20 Great Rubrics for Integrating Blooms' Digiatl Taxonomy in Your Teachning
23 Effective Uses of Gamification in Learning: Part 1
25 Social Networks/Media Sites for Education
3 Examples on How to Use Storytelling in eLearning
5 Easy Ways to Create an Engaging E-learning Course
5 Essential Engagement Techniques for Effective Instructional Designing
5 Essential Steps to Building Community for Your Online Course
5 Ways Online Learning Improves Education Infographic
5 Ways to Use Microlearning
6 Alternative Social Media Tools for Teaching and Learning
6 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Know Your Learners Better
61 Tips for Making Learning Memorable aith Graphics and Visual Design
7 Essential Techniques to Increase Engagement and Enhance Online Learning Outcomes
7 Tips for Editing E-learning Content
8 Ways to Use Games in Education
A Pedagogy of Abundance
An Introduction to the New World Kirkpatrick Model
An Introduction to the New World Kirkpatrick Model
Anyone Still Listening? Educators Consider Killing the Lecture.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence. European Perspective.
Assessment rebooted
Assessment Strategies for Online Learning
Assessment Strategies for Online Leraning, Engagement and Authenticity
Augmented Reality: The Future of Education
Benefits of Using Simulations
Blackboard Intelligence Helped Lewis Clark Community College Develop a Data-Driven Retention Strategy.
Blend Microlearning in Safety Training to Make it Work
Blended and Online Assessment Taxonomy Design (Infographic)
Blended Learning Innovations: 10 Major Trends
Blogging through the Fourth Dimension, Ideas for Integrating a Student Blog into your Curriculum
Case Study: Using a Magazine Format for eLearning
Cheating and Plagiarism in E-Assessment: Students' Perspectives
Cinematic Techniques to Add Life to Your eLearning
Compelling Reasons to Use Gamification
Conceptual Quilting: A Medium for Reflection in Online Courses
Contract Cheating and Assessment Design Framework Resources
Debating the Use of Social Media in Higher Education in Australasia: Where are we Now?
Defining OER - Enabled Pedagogy
Digital Storytelling Apps & Sites
Do Student-Produced Videos Enhance Engagement and Learning in the Online Environment
Effective Pedagogical Strategies for Educators of Hybrid and Online College Courses
Eight Seconds to Online Learner Engagement Tips and Tricks
Facebook an Online Learning Platform ?
Five Learning Design Principles to Create Active Learning for Engaging with Research in a MOOC
Five Lessons We can Learn from Vloggers
Five Top technology Trends in Special Education
Free eBook: How Gamification Reshapes Learning
From Bricks to Clicks. The Potential of Data and Analytics in Higher Education
Fun is the Future: Mastering Gamification.
Gamification And The LMS - The Case of TalentLMS
Gamification vs Game-Based eLearning: How to Integrate Them Into Your eLearning Course Design.
Gamification: What it is and When to Use it?
Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces
Ghost and the machine: bringing untold personal spiritual and cultural experiences to life through the medium of digital storytelling
Here's Why Understanding Adult Learners is Absolutly Critical
Higher Education Dominance and Siloed Knowledge: a Systematic Review of Flipped Classroom Research
How Open Badges Could Change Teaching and Assessment
How Storytelling can Improve Your eLearning Courses
How Storytelling Can Improve Your eLearning Courses.
How to Give Tests in Online Courses
How to Make an Attention Grabbing eLearning Course
How to Make Online Learning Accessible for Students with Learning Challenges
How to Write Better Analogies for Learning
Hybrid Education: The Potential of Teaching and Learning with Robot Mediated Communication
Influences that Undermine Leraner's Perceptions of Autonomy, Competence and Relatedness in an Online Context
Innovating Pedagogy 2017
Innovating Pedagogy 2017: Open University Innovation Report 6.
Instructional Simulations
Instructional Strategies for Forming Online Collaborative Teams
Just One Thing – Microlearning. A Practitioners Guide.
Learning Analytics in Higher Education. A review of UK and International Practice.
Learning Analytics in Higher Education. Educause. Research report.
Learning Online: The Student Experience
List of artificial intelligence films
Managing the "Learning Syles Myth"
Microlearning. A Beginners's Guide to Powerful Corporate Training.
Microlearning. A New Way to Train Your Workforce. Whitepaper.
Microlearning: A Pedagogical Approach for Technology Integration
Need Reasons to Use Gamification
Online Education Doesn't Have to be Isolating
Open Education and Learning Design: Open Pedagogy in Praxis
Open University Learning Analytics Dataset
Pedagogy in Game-Based Learning-Tips to align ID Strategies in Learning Games
Peer Observation for Online Distance Learning Tutors: Creating the Conditions for Effective Peer Exchange
Personalised Learning in Mathematics
Policy on Ethical use of Student Data for Learning Analytics.
Reaching for Self-efficacy through Learning Analytics: The Zenith Project
Research Evidence on the Use of Learning Analytics - Implications for Education Policy.
Rhizomatic Learning
Seeking for the Added Value of Videogames and Simulations
Skepticism of Personalized Learning Is on the Rise
Social Media for Education - Digiskills Good Practice
Student Retention and Learning Analytics: A Snapshot of Australian Practices and a Framework for Advancement
Student Support Service for Success in Open and Distance Learning
Survey Analysing the Impact of Video on Education
Synchronous and Asynchronous Discussions, Effects on Cooperation, Belonging and Affect
Systematic Review on Educational Data Mining
Technology - Enabled Learning: Policy, Pedagogy and Practice
Teleconference in Support of Autonomous Learning
The Art of Writing Great Voice Over Scripts
The Benefits of Personalised Learning
The Changing Pedagogical Landscape. New Ways of Teaching and Learning and Their Implications.
The Changing Pedagogical Landscape: In Search of Patterns in Policies and Practices of New Modes of Teaching and Learning.
The Correlation Between Good eLearning and Good Movies
The Effect of an Augmented Reality Enhanced Mathematics Lesson on Student Achievement and Motivation.
The Effect of an Augmented Reality Enhanced Mathematics Lesson on Student Achievement and Motivation.
The Effect of Blended Learning Environment on Teachers' course Design and Instructional Practices
The Essential Teachers' Guide to Social Media
The Future of Assessment: five principles, five targets for 2025
The Future of Education? Games for Change.
The Role of an Educator Mentor in a Technology - Enabled Community of Practice
The Role of the Business Major in Student Perceptins of Learning and Satisfaction with Course Format
The State of Learning Analytics in Europe. Executive Summary.
The State of Microlearning
Top 5 Tips for Improving Student Study Skills
Towards a New Pedagogy of Engaged Learning
Towards a New Pedagogy of Engaged Learning
Understanding Innovative Pedagogies: Key Themes to Analyse New Approaches to Teaching and Learning.
Using Self-Determination Theory to Improve Online Learner Motivation
Using Telepresence Robots to Support Students Facing Adversity
Viewing Comprehension Strategies: Watching Videos Like You Read a Book
Virtual Reality Could Serve as Powerful Environmental Education Tool According to Stanford Researchers
Virtual Training is Much More Than a Presentation
What do we know about educational videos: research and practice
What Do We Really Mean When We Say 'Personalized Learning'?
What Does VR Have to Do With Online Education?
What if Linear TV is Geriatric, Linear Schools Old Fashioned and Digital Natives Prefer Streaming TV and Streaming Education?
Why I Left Silicon Valley, EdTech, and “Personalized” Learning.
Why WIIFM Matters for E-Learning
Workplace Learning Games: Game-based Versus Gamification
Writing Learning Objectives: Part1

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