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e-corner: different topics | open educational resources and massive open online courses
197 Educational YouTube Channels You Should Know about
20 Places to Educate Yourself Online for Free
5 Min Guide: Open Educational Resources & Copyright Law
5 Things Researchers Have Discovered about MOOCs
8 Things You Should Know About MOOCs
A Basic Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER)
A MOOC at the Leuphana Digital School
A MOOC Sees its Greatest Impact in the Classroom
A Product at Every Price: A Review of MOOC Stats and Trends in 2017
A Report on the Re-use and Adaptation of Open Educational Resources (OER): An Exploration of Technologies Available
A Smart Way to Skip College in Pursuit of a Job
A Systematic Review of the Socio-Ethical Aspects of Massive Online Open Courses
ACODE Whitepaper on Micro-credentialing Practices in Australasian Universities
An Analysis of Peer Reviewed Publications on Openness in Education in Half a Century: Trends and Patterns in the Open Hemisphere
An Exploratory Study of Emotional Affordance of a Massive Open Online Course
An Overview of the MOOC Research Initiative: the Project, Literature and Landscape
Analysing Structured Learning Behaviour in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): An Approach Based on Process Mining and Clustering
Are MOOCs Really a Failure
Barriers, Incentives and Benefits of the Open Educational Resources (OER) Movement: an Exploration into Instructor Perspectives
Big Data is Finally Coming to Education Here's What We've Learned so Far
Building Management Capacity for MOOCs in Higher Education. Status Report on the Adoption of MOOCs in Higher Education in Latin America and Europe,
Building Open Bridges: Collaborative Remixing and Reuse of Open Educational Resources across Organisations.
By the Numbers: MOOCS in 2017.
Challenges to Research in MOOCs
Challenges, Opportunities Lie ahead for MOOCs
Class Central, Free Online Education
COL Directory of OER
Collaborative Design of Open Educational Practices: An Assets Based Approach
Creating, Sharing and Reusing e-Learning Content Seminar
Cross-border Content, Investigation into Sharing Curricula across Borders and its Opportunities for Open Education Resources
Deconstructing Disengagement : Analyzing Learner Subpopulations in Massive Open Online Courses
Define MOOC
Designing Continuing Professional Development MOOCs to Promote the Adoption of OER and OEP
Developing Countries and the MOOC Learning Revolution
Discussion Forums in MOOCs
Distribution of MOOCs by Country
E-Curriculum: Exploring 24 Free Open Education Resources – Digital Curriculum Part 2
EADTU: The Open Education Handbook
EMMA, European Multiple MOOC Aggregator
Envisioning the Future of Education Technology
European MOOC Strategies: Strength in Diversity ?
European MOOCs Scoreboard
Evaluation of the UNED MOOC's Implementation: Demographies, Learners' Opinions and Completion Rates
Far from Bust: Five Ways MOOCs are Helping People Get on in Life
Five Learning Design Principles to Create Active Learning for Engaging with Research in a MOOC
Five Learning Design Principles to Create Active Learning for Engaging with Research in a MOOC
Five Myths about MOOCs
From Open Educational Resources to Open Educational Practices
Frugal MOOCs - The future of refugee higher education?
Glen - Explore the Best Video Lessons in Education
Guidelines for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of MOOCs
Harvesting Alternative Credit Transfer Students: Redefining Selectivity in Your Online Learning Program Enrollment Leads
How Companies are Using MOOCs
How MOOC - Takers Estimate Learning Success: Retrospective Reflection of Perceived Benefits
How MOOCs are Derailing Open Education: George Siemens ICDE World Conference Keynote
How to Search for Openly Licensed Educational Resources
Improve Learning with ICT
Infographic: Are MOOCs the Future of Online Education?
Infographic: How Many Students Are Completing Free Online Courses?
Institutional MOOC Strategies in Europe
Integrating Global Online Legal Education with an On-campus Franchise Course: A Role for MOOC's
Interaction Equivalency in the OER and Informal Learning
Interactions in MOOCs: The Hidden Part of the Iceberg
Introduction to Moocs: Avalanche, Illusion or Augmentation? Policy Brief Published by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education
Khan Academy
Learners' Perceptions on the Structure and Usefulness of E-resources for the Thesis Courses
Learning to Teach Online
Making Sense of MOOCs: A Guide for Policy Makers in Developing Countries
Mapping the Open Education Landscape: Citation Network Analysis of Historical Open and Distance Education Research
Massive List of MOOC Providers around the World.
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): A Primer for University and College Board Members
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): Participant Activity, Dmographics and Stisfaction
Microcredentials, Micromasters and Nanodegrees: What's the Big Idea?
MIT OpenCourseWare*&output=xml_no_dtd&
MIT OpenCourseWare: Unlocking Knowledge, Empowering Minds
MOOC 2.0: Open Online Education Moves Forward
MOOC Accreditation and Recognition Webinar
MOOC kot priložnost za razvoj kompetenc kreativne rabe informacijske tehnologije v poučevanju
MOOC Learners Motivation
MOOC Strategies of European Institutions.
MOOCs and Beyond
MOOCs and disruptive innovation: Implications for higher education
MOOCs and Lifelong Learners
MOOCs as a Disruptive Innovation to Develop Digital Competence Teaching: A Micromasters Program edX Experience
MOOCs in 2014: Breaking Down the Numbers
MOOCs in Europe
MOOCs: from Mania to Mundanity
MOOCs: the Virtual Classrooms Failed to Be the Education Equalizer We Hoped For
MOOCs: Threat or Opportunity
Much Ado About MOOCs: Where Are We in the Evolution of Online Courses?
Much More about MOOCs
Norway-US-Canada Discussions on MOOCs
OER Handbook for Educators
OER in Dutch Higher Education
OER Metafinder
OER Research Hub
Office of Ed Tech
Open Courseaware Consortium
Open Courseware Consortium
Open Discovery Space
Open Education as a game changer - stories from the pandemic
Open Education Handbook.
Open Education Policy and Practice
Open Education Practices in Australia: A First - phase National Audit of Higher Education
Open Educational Resources (OER) - A Video Primer
Open Educational Resources and Collaborative Content Development: A practical Guide for State and School Leaders
Open Educational Resources for Professionals: A New Era in the Training and Development of Legislative Counsel
Open Educational Resources: An Asian Perspective
Open Educational Resources: Global Report 2017.
Open Educational Resources: Policy, Costs and Transformation
Open Educational Resources: Reviewing Initiatives and Issues
Open Learn
Open Learning Recognition: Taking Open Educational Resources a Step Further
Open Learning Resources Brought to you by EDEN
Open, Online and Blended: Transactional Interactions with MOOC Content by Learners in Three Different Course Formats
Open2Study: Free Education
Opening the Curriculum through Open Educational Practices: International Experience
Opening the Curriculum through Open educational Practices: International Experience
Opening the Curriculum: Open Educational Resources in U.S. Higher Educataion, 2014
Opening up Slovenia
OpenupEd Trend Report on MOOCs
Opportunities and Challenges for the Future of Moocs and Open Education In Europe.
Over 1000 Free eLearning Resources
Participants' Perceptions of Learning and Networking in Connectivist MOOCs
Peeragogy Handbook
Perks and Drawbacks of Massive Open Online Courses
Porto Declaration on European MOOCs
Practical Guidelines on Open Education for Academics: modernising higher education via open educational practices
Quality in MOOCs: Surveying the Terrain
Repositorij COL
Rethinking Low Completion Rates in MOOCs
Rise of the MOOCs
Slide Wiki
Social Networks and the Building of leraning Communities: An Experimental Study of a Social MOOC
Sustainability of Open Education Through Collaboration
Teaching with YouTube: 197 Digital Channels for Learning
TEDEd Beta Lessons Worth Sharing
Ten Useful Reports on MOOCs and Online Education
The 2018 OpenupEd Trend Report on MOOCs
The End of History and the Last MOOCs
The European MOOCs Scoreboard
The Full Paris Declaration:
The Hype is Dead, but MOOCs are Marching on
The International Society Technology in Education
The MOOC Phenomen: Who Takes Massive Open Online Courses and Why?
The MOONLITE Policy Report on MOOCS for Social Inclusion: Maximising the Potential and Minimising the Risks to Design
The Mounting Momentum of MOOCs - An Update on the Rapid Growth of MOOCs
Top 200 Tools for Learning 2020
Universities are Still Standing. The MOOC Revolution that Never Happened
VideoLectures Net
Virtual International Exchange as a High Impact Learning Tool for More inclusive, Equitable and Divers Classrooms$002feurodl$002feurodl-overview.xml
What do We Mean by ‘Open’ in Education? Online Learning and Distance Education Resources.
What is the Problem for which MOOCs are the Solution?
What is the Problem for which MOOCs are the Solution?
What MOOCs are Teaching Universities About Active Learning
What reserach Says About MOOCs - an Explorative Content Analysis
What's a MOOC?
Who takes MOOCs? For online higher education, the devil is in the data.
Why should Educators Across the Globe Be Excited About the Growing OER Resources and Community

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