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Welcome in the e-corner on e-learning!
The e-corner was developed at the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE) to enable you access to systematically organised and up-to-date web resources mostly on e-learning. In the e-corner, also web resources, connected from the content point of view with e-learning as distance education and partially on use of modern ICT in education, are available. From the e-corner rubric interesting links you can access the offer of e-learning programs or distance education programs for adults in Slovenia and the SIAE multimedia portal.
The development of e-corner has been co-financed by the Slovene Ministry for Education, Science and Sport and from the funds of the international project Implementation of the Renewed European Agenda for Adult Learning (EAAL) 2012-2014.
The information on relevant web resources on e-learning have been acquired in different ways - mostly on the basis of regular reviewing and sorting out news, which have been provided via e-mail by the international and other organisations (as EDEN, ICDE, EADTU etc.), by web portals and e-magazines on e-learning, distance education and use of ICT in education. Some information has been acquired also through Facebook or Google.
Different definitions on e-learning exist in professional literature or are in use in praxis. While selecting the content appropriate for the e-corner we have used mainly the definition, in which e-learning is understood as »space and time independent delivery of learning process and carrying out up-to-date pedagogical methods«.
Web resources in the e-corner are grouped in clusters and sub-clusters. Because of web information characteristics it has not been always possible to outline clear border among different clusters and sub-clusters. Therefor you can find useful information on the topic, you are interested in, under different clusters or sub-clusters.
Because of limited financial resources we can offer in the moment two functions: searching for desired web information and contacting e-corner coordinator. We intend to upgrade e-corner and to supplement its content on regular basis. If you know some interesting web resource on e-learning and you didn't find it in the e-corner, please inform us about it with e-mail to:  and we will include it in the e-corner.
You are invited to visit the e-corner,
Margerita Zagmajster
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