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1. Making lifelong learning and mobility a reality

In order to increase and widen the participation of adults in lifelong learning, in response to the agreed EU target of 15% adult learning participation, as well as to help boost to 40% the proportion of young adults with tertiary and equivalent education qualifications, Member States are invited to focus on:

  • Stimulating demand, and developing comprehensive and easily accessible information and guidance systems, complemented by effective outreach strategies aimed at raising awareness and motivation among potential learners, with specific focus on disadvantaged groups, early school leavers, young people not in education, employment or training (NEETs), low qualified adults, particularly those with literacy difficulties, and followed up with second-chance opportunities leading to a recognised EQF level qualification.
  • Promoting the engagement of employers in workplace-based learning, with a view to developing both job-specific skills and broader skills, including by means of more flexible work schedules.
  • Promoting flexible learning pathways for adults, including broader access to higher education for those lacking mainstream access qualifications and diversifying the spectrum of adult learning opportunities offered by higher education institutions.
  • Putting in place fully functional systems for validating non-formal and informal learning and promoting their use by adults of all ages and at all qualification levels, as well as by enterprises and other organisations.

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