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Črnomelj, Identity card
This statistical region in the south-east of Slovenia is the largest region in the country and incorporates four distinct parts: the land of woodenware, of the brown bear, of light red wine Cviček and of Zeleni Jurij (Green George). The development of this region is largely the result of industry (car industry, pharmaceutical industry and other light industry), the expenditure on research and development (R&D), underlined the importance of R&D in the region.This region had lower registered unemployment rates than the national average. However, the structure of unemployed was less favourable since almost half of them had the lowest level of education.
The municipality Črnomelj  is part of the landscape named 'Bela krajina'. The biggest settlement, called Črnomelj, is the centre of the municipality. In this area two regional parks preserve the natural and cultural heritage and tradition as well. Municipality Črnomelj, which is part of the Jugovzhodna Slovenija statistical region, measures 340 km2; this ranks it 5th among Slovene municipalities. The number of people  in the municipality ranks Črnomelj 36th among Slovene municipalities. The number of live births was in 2012 lower than the number of deaths, which means that natural increase per 1,000 population in the municipality was negative. As in most Slovene municipalities, in Črnomelj the number of old people was higher than the number of young people.
Kazalniki Slovenija JV Slovenija  Občina Črnomelj
Površina, km2 20.273 2.675 340
Število prebivalcev (2014)                2.061.085 142.405 14.586
Število moških (2014) 1.020.874 71.730 7.421
Število ženski (2014) 1.040.211 70.675 7.165
Povprečna starost (v letih)  42 41,1 43,2
Število prebivalcev, starih 0-14 let 301.053 22.097 2.102
Število prebivalcev, starih 15-64 let  1.399.926 96.939 9.877
Število prebivalcev, starih 65 let ali več 360.106 23.369 2.607
Kazalniki Slovenija JV Slovenija Občina Črnomelj
Število vrtcev z enotami (2012/2013) 960 64 7
Število otrok, vključenih v vrtec (v starosti 1-5 let) (2012/2013) 83.700 5.942 499
Število OŠ (šol. leto 2013/2014) 839 65 8
Število učencev v OŠ (začetek šol. leta 2013/2014) 165.036 12.137 1.151
Število dijakov (začetek šol. leta 2013/2014) 76.714 5.554 466
Število študentov terciarnega izobraževanja (2013) 90.622 6.692 631
Število diplomantov terciarnega izobraževanja (2013) 18.774 1.396 132
Število odraslih z brez izobrazbe, nepopolna OŠ (2014) 65.876 7.129 884
Število odraslih s končano OŠ (2014) 404.228 29.682 3.203
Število odraslih z nižjo poklicno, srednjo poklicno izobrazbo (2014) 397.105 29.317 3.344
Število odraslih s srednjo strokovno, srednjo splošno izobrazbo (2014) 531.186 32.756 3.110
Število oseb z visokošolsko izobrazbo (2014) 361.637 21.424 1.942
Nadaljevalno izobraževanja - število izvajalcev (2011/2012) 401 18 3
Nadaljevalno izobraževanja - število udeležencev (2011/2012) 342.689 60.682 4.927
Trg dela:       
Kazalniki Slovenija JV Slovenija
Občina Črnomelj
Število delovno aktivnih preb. (2013) 791.323 56.533 4.248
Število registriranih brezposelnih oseb (2014)  119.458 8.870 1.482
Stopnja registrirane brezposelnosti  v % (dec. 2014) 13,0 13,3 21,3
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