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Savinjska statistical region - the former land of the Counts of Celje is very diverse in terms of natural geography; it comprises mainly the wooded alpine world attractive for tourists (the Upper Savinja valley and a part of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps), the fertile Lower Savinja valley with good conditions for growing hops, the Kozjansko hills and the Velenje basin with lignite deposits for the production of electricity. The above-average number of students per 1,000 population and the high share of students among the population aged 19-26 are significant educational potentials for the region. The region is also a popular tourist destination.
Celje is one of the largest urban municipalities in Slovenia. The centre of the municipality is Celje, located at the confluence of Savinja and Voglajna rivers in the Lower Savinja valley. The old Celje castle is worth to be seen. Municipality Celje, which is part of the Savinjska statistical region, measures 95 km2; this ranks it 75th among Slovene municipalities. The number of people  in the municipality ranks Celje 5th among Slovene municipalities. The number of live births was in 2012 higher than the number of deaths. The number of people who moved from the municipality was higher than the number of people who moved into the municipality. As in most Slovene municipalities, in Celje the number of old people was higher than the number of young people.
Kazalniki Slovenija Savinjska regija Občina Celje
Površina, km2 20.273 2.384 95
Število prebivalcev (2014)                2.061.085 259.853 48.883
Število moških (2014) 1.020.874 130.054 24.175
Število ženski (2014) 1.040.211 129.799 24.708
Povprečna starost (v letih)  42 41,7 43,2
Število prebivalcev, starih 0-14 let 301.053 38.699 6.881
Število prebivalcev, starih 15-64 let  1.399.926 177.243 32.969
Število prebivalcev, starih 65 let ali več 360.106 43.911 9.033
Kazalniki Slovenija Savinjska regija Občina Celje
Število vrtcev z enotami (2012/2013) 960 126 17
Število otrok, vključenih v vrtec (v starosti 1-5 let) (2012/2013) 83.700 10.715 1.989
Število OŠ (šol. leto 2013/2014) 839 124 12
Število učencev v OŠ (začetek šol. leta 2013/2014) 165.036 21.652 3.717
Število dijakov (začetek šol. leta 2013/2014) 76.714 10.182 1.750
Število študentov terciarnega izobraževanja (2013) 90.622 11.658 2.156
Število diplomantov terciarnega izobraževanja (2013) 18.774 2.386 455
Število odraslih z brez izobrazbe, nepopolna OŠ (2014) 65.876 8.828 1.249
Število odraslih s končano OŠ (2014) 404.228 55.016 8.737
Število odraslih z nižjo poklicno, srednjo poklicno izobrazbo (2014) 397.105 57.122 9.820
Število odraslih s srednjo strokovno, srednjo splošno izobrazbo (2014) 531.186 61.040 12.624
Število oseb z visokošolsko izobrazbo (2014) 361.637 39.148 9.641
Nadaljevalno izobraževanja - število izvajalcev (2011/2012) 401 37 13
Nadaljevalno izobraževanja - število udeležencev (2011/2012) 342.689 25.047 3.041
Trg dela:       
Kazalniki Slovenija Savinjska regija Občina Celje
Število delovno aktivnih preb. (2013) 791.323 102.424 27.356
Število registriranih brezposelnih oseb (2014)  119.458 16.678 3.700
Stopnja registrirane brezposelnosti  v % (dec. 2014) 13,0 14,0 16,8
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